July 28–31, 2009, Seoul, Korea


Shutaro Inoue and Yosuke Sato.
Implementation of Boolean Gröbner Bases in Risa/Asir
Nikta Shayanfar and Mahmoud Hadizadeh.
Computer algebraic efficiency of matrix polynomials for system of integral equations
Hiroki Nakayama and Hiroshi Sekigawa.
Determining divisibility between polynomials with inexact coefficients
Kiyoshi Shirayanagi and Hiroshi Sekigawa.
A New Method of Reducing Exact Computations to Obtain Exact Results
Cristina Bertone, Guillaume Chèze and André Galligo.
Probabilistic Algorithms for Polynomial Absolute Factorization
Javier Esparza, Stefan Kiefer and Andreas Gaiser.
On least fixed points of systems of positive polynomials
Howard Cheng and George Labahn.
Applying Linear Algebra Routines to Modular Ore Polynomial Matrix Algorithms
Tateaki Sasaki and Yasutaka Ookura.
Approximate Factorization of Univariate Polynomials over Z
Eduardo Saenz-de-Cabezon and Henry P. Wynn.
Efficient algorithms for the algebraic analysis of system reliability
Alin Bostan, Shaoshi Chen, Frederic Chyzak and Ziming Li.
Rational-Functions Telescopers: Blending Creative Telescoping with Hermite Reduction
Hiroshi Murakami.
A continued fraction type method to find a rational number in a given closed interval whose denominator is minimal
Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Christophe Mouilleron and Gilles Villard.
Extending Cardinal's algorithm to a broader class of structured matrices
Annie Cuyt and Wen-shin Lee.
Symbolic-Numeric Sparse Interpolation of Multivariate Rational Functions
Akira Suzuki.
Computing Groebner Bases within Linear Algebra and Its Implementation
Bjarke Hammersholt Roune.
A Slice Algorithm for Koszul Simplicial Complexes on the Lcm Lattice of Monomial Ideals
Moshe Porat.
A Vector-Quantization Approach to Coding Systems
Xie Yuzhen and Marc Moreno Maza.
Balanced Dense Polynomial Multiplication on Multi-cores